3 Life Lessons I learned from watching “Lion King” as an Adult

The other day I was forced to watch the Lion King. Yes I was in the presence of children under the age of 10. Then it hit me that the movie ACTUALLY had some great messages in it that I couldn’t understand when I was under the age of 10  but being over 21 now I believe that I can appreciate the movie much more.

Here are the 3 life lessons I learned watching the Lion King

  1. Be prepared to die for what is yours: Mufasa died to protect Simba. Mufasa laid his life on the line so that Simba would not have to experience any pain or hurt. Life Lesson– Our family and our goals is our Simba and we are Mufasa we need to willing to protect our family and goals with every inch of our being because we believe in them and don’t want anything to happen to them.
  2. Some people will envy you: Scar was envious of Mufasa so much so he killed him and made Simba to believe it was his fault when it was Scar’s plan the whole time. Life Lesson- Scar is the envious people we have around us at times. Some people just do not want to see you succeed so they sabotage you and then in turn have you believe that you were destined to fail all along when it was there dirty little plan from the beginning.
  3. No Worries for the rest of your days: Pumba and Timon explained to Simba that it’s better to have a carefree philosophy in life because worrying about things will damper your day instead of Brightening it. Life Lesson– “Hakuna Matata” no point in us worrying about things we cannot change. Its best to focus on things we have control over than things we cannot do any thing about.

The walk a ways from this are

  • Prepare to fight for what is yours and what you believe in
  • Some people may not like you and its not your business to find out why who the hell cares
  • Worry less and live more. Don’t focus on what you can’t change but what you can


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