4 Reasons you should Run even if you’re not a Pro runner

Running is not just for the fit and in shape professionals. For the longest many people have felt that only certain body types should take on 5ks, 10ks and marathons. That is far from the truth, any of us can train to participate in a run or take a plain ole run.

Specifically did you know even if you are not a pro runner you can train for a run and have massive success? I did it; it was fun and a major learning experience.  Let me share with you 4 reasons you should train for a run no matter what size you are

  1. Running is universal– If you can walk then you can run. Running is free and there are not much special equipment you need to run, you can run all you have to do is put one leg in front of another just like anyone one else. From the top athletes to your local Girl Scout down the block we all have to put one foot in front of another to walk. Start off slow and increase your speed as you see fit.
  2. Gives you energy – There is something about a nice walk, runor jog that is unexplained other than you doing it and seeing that you will have a boost in energy once you do a few runs. It will make your feel 5 times better than when you first started. In the beginning it won’t feel like it BUT the more you do it then you will see the benefit.
  3. You may lose a few pounds– This is no secret if  you combine a daily run with nutritious eating you may drop a few pounds with not even thinking about it. Incorporate a run in your weekly routine and you may see some minor changes that could turn into a big one.
  4. Community – The runner community is one of the most supportive communities that I have been a part of. At runs strangers give you high fives, offer you water and cheer for you on the side line. Not many other communities do this on a genuine and supportive level like the runner community.

You may not be a pro but you can prepare like one and train like one. Just decide to start and keep these 4 reasons in mind and allow them to be reasons you want to sign up or train for you first and or next race today.

Do you run? 

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