3 Ways to have a Epic Summer

Too often we sit around waiting for something to happen when we have to go out and make it happen. You wanna taste that food? You wanna go to that city? You wanna try that new thing? Well drop the wanna’s because, summer is upon us and so is greatness. Don’t waste any more time thinking of what you could do, ought to do or scared to do , be like Nike and “Just Do It”.

Here is your Epic Summer Starter Pack

  1. Go somewhere: Location, Location, Location. Get on a bus, train, plane and/or drive somewhere. Get out of your city and see something different. Make it your focus to get to another city or state this summer even if it’s just one place.
  2. Try something: Activity or food it’s time for you to try something. Try a new restaurant or go to a food fair or farmers market. Participate in activity that you haven’t before. Get out and try something that you have always wanted to try.
  3. Shopping : Take some cash and go get you a few summer pieces. We all need a good summer hat, shorts , glasses and bathing suit or trunks. I am not saying break the bank (even support a thrift store) and get something new. Spice up the summer in a new wardrobe wearing something summery

Answer these questions

  1. How do you plan to have a epic summer?
  2. What city will you visit this summer?
  3. What new food will you try this summer?
  4. What new activity will you try this summer?
  5. What fashion piece(s) will you get yourself this summer?

Answer the questions above then tag 3 bloggers or ask 3 other people to do the same

Here is mine

  1. Try new things that I have not before
  2. Palm Springs (outlets here I come)
  3. Oysters (No, I have never had them, they look awful but I wanna see what the hype is about)
  4. Nude resort (This is on the bucket list, I can see me now letting it all hang out…lol)
  5. Bathing suit, summer hat, glasses and some shorts (all from a thrift shop , well not the bathing suit lol)

It’s your turn how do you plan to have an epic summer?

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