How to glow up physically

The ”Glow Up” is real, isn’t that what the hip people say. Now before we get into this please be aware that the true glow up  comes from within but we all know that people who see you can’t see within and they first meet your outer so we are going to chat about some ways that you can glow up physically. I actually wrote another blog post “How to Level Up Mentally” Please read that. Also I did a video as well.

Watch as soon as you can
  1. Lose weight: Of course I have to suggest losing weight because some of us struggle with our  weight and our confidence is attached to how we look. It feels great looking to and losing a few pounds can assist with boosting confidence. My suggestion is to lose 20lbs because it is usually noticeable on most people. Download the plan below and start now.
  1. Night routine: It’s important to start your next day off fresh and in order to do that  the night before should be in order. Your bedtime is important, plans for this to get done that day, your wardrobe and rising time should be planned as well. Create a night routine that works for your life time. 
  2. Dental visit: According to Business insider “A study confirmed that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth make people seem more attractive. Teeth are a sign of health and good genetics.”  Even if you just get your teeth whiten, braces, invisalign or implants.A smile is a visible way to improve your physical glow. I got braces at over the age of the 3o and my treatment isn’t complete but as of now it is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my smile. 
  3. Skin routine: Taking care of your skin is important. Many of us have decent skin but we don’t take good care of it. It may be time to visit an esthetician or try some facial products to see what works for  you. My current favorite face cleanser is from the Inkey List. 
  4. Self maintenance routine: This one is a doozy because some people get self care and self maintenance confused. Self maintenance are things that you view that are important for your body. This can be nails, hair, massages, waxing, therapy sessions, and or anything of that , that is important to you.

Here I will share 5 things you can do to glow up NOW, well all of these won’t apply to your life but at least 1 should resonate with you and whatever stage you are in your life. 

You turn. Tell me are you currently glowing up or have you experienced a glow up? Share with us. 

Remember, if no one has told you lately. I am so proud of you!

Your Favorite Coach



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