3 Things You Owe You to be the best version of Yourself

Becoming the best version of yourself is an accumulation of many things. You can pretend to be someone you are not or you can develop yourself and acquire the life that you  want and you deserve. The best feeling of one becoming the best version of yourself is the PEACE that you feel knowing that you are being just you and no one else. Here are some things you owe yourself on your constant journey to becoming your best self. 

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Here are 3 Things You Owe You to be the best version of Yourself

Health:  You owe yourself health. Take good care of your mind and body because at this point we are all aware that we only get one. So when you are mentally exhausted seek health. When  you feel physically unhealthy it may be time for the doctor or a holistic approach. Pay close attention to your physical and emotional health. 

Self assessment: You owe you to take time to review your hurt, pain, anguish, anger, wants, goals , dreams, desires because all of these things are the reason why we are who we are and how we feel. These things usually lead our lives in small ways that we don’t even recognize, a pain point someone mentions that you have not assess can dismantle you for a a day and even weeks while unlocking a desire you have can keep you glowing for days and weeks but you must assess these things about yourself on a daily basis so you know how to serve yourself as well as show people how to treat and operate when dealing with you.

Help: You don’t have to go through the world alone. Everyone of us needs something and or somebody. Some time the help you may get can be where and whom you least expect it from. One of the most liberating phrase you can say to be the best version of self is “I need help” this simple phrase is hard for many of us to say because we have either been let down when asking for help, made to feel less than for needing help or never been told help was available. I am sharing with you that help is all around you but you have to speak up when you need help. Help can be through friends, family, strangers, mentor, therapist, spiritual adviser (practically any where online, in person, through a book)

This is not an indefinite list but this is a place to start. Your turn what have you done to become the best version of yourself?

Remember, if no one has told you lately. I am so proud of you!

Your Favorite Coach



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One thought on “3 Things You Owe You to be the best version of Yourself

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    Oh yeah, health really is paramount, and a self-assessment comes in second. I think that’s why many great people kept journals, because that’s one great way to assess your actions of the day. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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