The truth about work-life balance

While I understand what work-life balance means definition wise I don’t believe there is complete work-life balance but its a BALANACING ACT that we all do daily. Sometimes work is great and other areas of life are a bit off and then work may be in shambles and everything else is going smoothly but there are a few thigs we all can do to, to make our balancing act go a bit better

What is work-life balance?

The term work-life balance refers to the idea of putting a partition between your private and professional life without allowing one to affect the other. This is because both aspects are important, and you cannot ignore one for the other. This phrase can be related to the dominant 20th century workers. Work-life balance is a crucial component of a healthy life and maintaining it helps to reduce pressure, stress, and depression. Acute stress is one of the prevailing frequent health issues in the workplace, which can result to different conditions including high blood pressure, nausea, pains and other related heart issues. According to Harvard Business Review, the problems of psychologically strained employees are estimated between 125$ and 190$ billion annually in medical spending in the United States. This fact can be related directly to the tons of work employees engage themselves overtime. This psychological and physical difficulties can cause awful mood swings, fatigue and decline in work performance. Gone are the days when closing at work also meant quitting the work for the day. But today, employees are available for work round the clock and answerable to their boss, co-workers and customers.

By ensuring a work environment that ranks work-life balance, workers can conserve money, achieve a healthy and productive working organization. But what exactly can work-life balance be related with? This can be a little bit complicated. Striking a balance between work and life is a tedious challenge even in the best of times, and even more daunting and necessary during periods of economic fall and doubt. The highest economic recession at its succeeding cutbacks has left more employees to work harder, scared for their jobs in order to prove they are essential part of the team.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard it looks to maintain a work-life balance, it is achievable. Today work-life balance is becoming more prioritized workplace characteristics– ranking  second to remuneration, and employees who manage to understand the importance of work-life balance tend to be 21% more productive than those who feel overworked.

Remember, succeeding in healthy work-life balance needs handling of professional and personal life in viable ways that ensure our minds and body to be happy. This shows the importance of work-life balance.

It refers to paying more attention to all the things that enhance our fulfilment including career, health, physical well being, relationship, determinations, dreams, rest, spirituality etc. and striking a balance.

Tracks to maintaining work-life balance:

Work Smart not harsh

Understand that being productive is different from working hard. Using time effectively is a crucial aspect that everyone in the working sphere needs to learn. Knowing how to manage time by cutting the right edges can get you up to an extra hour in a day. This include learning how to say “no”, use of technology, sharing of tasks among co-workers, batching voice messages and emails.

Ask for help when the need arises

Are you engulfed by work, and it’s resulting to excessive stress?, don’t keep things to yourself while you endure in pain. Exclude the self ego and explain your problem to your CEO or boss. Indefensible situations can be mitigated, but with a bold step from you. In the same light, if you find it difficult to achieve a balanced life, or you are undergoing an acute stress, discuss with a psychologist, a counselor or a medical personnel. Also, employee assisted programs are there to assist, then take the advantage of it.

Know your demands

Take more time on what is important. You can achieve this by making a list of your top needs at home or work. Then separate your time examination by asking yourself this questions: What should start doing? Put an end to? Keep doing? Engage more in? Decline in? Do in other way?

Set explicit ambitions

Take your demand list and turn them into viable goals. Specify time into your timetable for your ambitions just the same way you do to meet Doctor’s appointment.

Observe your time

One of the most important ways of achieving a balanced life is by observing your current situation. Keep the track record of everything you do in a week, noticing work-related and extra work activities. This information will help you know and understand how you use or where you are forfeiting your time.

Set limits

Make a clear and real boundaries on what you will engage and will not engage in, both at home and at work.

Fairly explain these limits to your boss, friends, family. For example, you can decide not to work extra hour on specific days unless there’s a crucial need to. Furthermore, put aside a time you will not inspect or reply to work-related issues on your mail.

Know health is wealth

The state of your health should always come first in your dealing. Both personal and professional life will suffer if you fail to be in good shape psychologically, spiritually, orally or even emotionally. Nurture your health by eating good breakfast, work out at least four times in a week and have a sound sleep for a minimum of 8 hours per night. These activities help to relieve stress, increase energy level, boost blood flow, raise your immune system. Furthermore, it makes you happier and more consistent in whatever you do.

Abstain from excessive intake of alcohol, drugs that ease stress. This substances can only relieve pains for a short period of time and cause even more severe problems in future.

Create time for yourself

Engage in things you enjoy daily. In as much as it is important to prioritize work, social relationship in your life, they can’t outweigh you importance. Also, spare time for your own survival. You can do this by setting aside 30 minutes of no interruption for yourself. Settle down with your spiritual source.

These are some of the ways you can maintain a good work-life balance. It’s very important to find out more about you and what you enjoy doing. Get a fair balance between what you engage in and always know life is pleasant to live when you are happy.

Its your turn! How do you manage your work-life balance?

Remember if no one has told you, I am proud of your

Your Favorite Coach


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