Planning to add a detox and cleanse to your weightloss journey [Read this before you do]

Here ye here ye so I am back at it again embarking on being fit and thinking about a cleanse so I wanted to come and share with you. I have tried many of the popular  detoxes and or cleanses from lemon cleanse, flat tummy tea to mag 07 pills and I must say there is a time and a place for it. But let me start with this disclaimer: DO NOT DO CLEANSE OR DETOXES for an extended period of time. Also detox and cleanse aren’t the same. A detox is more of a long term up to 30 days or possibly more while a cleanse is up to 14days up not more. However I believe that a detox or cleanse can be added to your tool box for weight loss. So here are 3 things you should consider before detoxing or cleansing . 

  1. When: The best time that I have experienced best success with a detox or cleanse to use is to jumpstart your weightloss journey to start your healthy lifestyle change with a clean pallet. Also for a plateau when your weight loss has started to stall and when you get off track to-restart your journey.  
  2. What: There are so many types of detoxes and cleanse out there and you have so many to choose from. Think about what works for you. There are certain foods to eat for cleansing and detoxing, pills and teas. Here are my suggestions for picking its should be accessible and affordable.
  3. Why: Figure out exactly why you are choosing to do a detox or cleanse. If you are anything like me a few years ago I really was doing a detox for fast results but your why your are choosing to add a detox or cleanse for one of the reasons in the #1 of this list then a detox or cleanse should be helpful to you but if you are doing a detox or cleanse for a quick fix you’ll probably get them but it may be a challenge to maintain.

Alright you know the drill… It’s your turn.. are your adding a detox or cleanse to your weightloss journey? What detox have you tried? Did it work? 

Here is the current detox I am choosing to use. Dr. Schulze Formula #1

Its natural and I have used it for the reasons I listed in #1

My Cali Girl/Ballerina tea review

My Flat tummy tea review (I actually give a recipe to make your own tea)

My Lemonade detox blog post Master Cleanse: Day 1 of 3 “off to a great start”

Lol I told you I tried a few  

Remember if no one has told your lately, I am super proud of you !

Your favorite Coach 


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