Celebration Time:Overview of MILITARY DIET


Check out my yummy made it through military diet drink. I am weighing in on the military diet. This diet is a fad.YES I SAID IT. A FAD.
Lets start with the fact that no one can or should live at such low calorie intake.
Day 1- About 730(I felt okay)
Day 2- About 630(I felt hungry /tired)
Day 3- About 610 (I felt glad it was ending)

These are extremely low calorie intakes.
Women should have bear minimum 1200 and men 1500.
These calorie intakes are NOT realistic or attainable and I DON’T SUGGEST ANYONE CHOOSE THIS AS A LIFESTYLE.
This can be considered a reset if we up the calorie intake and change the food to clean nutrious food.
I lost 4.6 pounds in 3 days. I have a ODD feeling that 2 or all of those pounds will be gained back real fast . Fast lose means fast gain. This diet claims that you will lose 7 to 10 pounds as you can see I didnt lose that much but like I said in a previous post results will vary.
I worked out as well didn’t go overboard tho but this diet doesn’t instruct excersise I just did it.
There are lots of websites that have alternatives and I did the alternatives. Apart of me wonders would my results have varied if I stuck strickly to the diet no alternatives.
Overall this reminds me of a quick fix but I dont see eating like this for the rest of a lifetime being attainable.

One thought on “Celebration Time:Overview of MILITARY DIET

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    well done for sticking to it!!

    I thought you might come to this conclusion, but well done for sticking to it in the name of research!

    I don’t think I could manage calorie intake this low!! I am currently on a kickstart phase of a new nutritional plan which is averaging out about 1400calories (it mostly involves chicken and veg…) that is making me hungry enough I can’t imagine halving it!

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