Meet my neighbors..Is that only in the movies?

So I have officially been in my house for 3 weeks. I have seen neighbors and we kindly wave or some just stare at me like “when did she move in?” or “why is she playing  that music so damn loud?”.

When I lived in my apartment, I did not have much of a relationship with my neighbors just hi and bye. Only my direct next door neighbor we would share a few laughs and offer each other food when we saw each other.

Everyone is telling me that living in a neighborhood of just homes is different and I should get to know my neighbors.

I feel awkward just walking up to a neighbor saying “hey i live over there, I’m your new neighbor” Apart of me wants to know if being happy-go-lucky with neighbors is just for in the movies or does that happen in real life.

I was thinking since thanksgiving is coming up I can use that as a reason to at least bring a peace offering to my neighbors and introduce my self.

Maybe the day before thanksgiving I can give my neighbor’s some See’s candy or a fruit tray.

I would bake something but I know some people don’t trust baked goods from people they don’t know. I understand that I would be thinking “are your trying to poison me?” lol I know I should think that way but hey that’s what I would be thinking if a stranger came to my door step peddling some FREE baked goods and probably many others.

What do you guys think? Is that over kill to do that , let me know.

Do you speak or have a neighbor-ship with the people that live next door or across from you?

3 thoughts on “Meet my neighbors..Is that only in the movies?

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