Congratulate others..its not all about you

There is this sickness that goes around every time someone accomplishes something great. There seems to be always someone lurking in the background that just can’t find it in them to be happy for someone else because its not them.

This sickness is called

Why-not-me syndrome

This is where people just can’t find it in their soul to congratulate others on their success and or accomplishment.

I’ve noticed that life works in this mysterious up , down and flat line effect. One week things may be going great for you, another week it may be going not so great, then nothing happens for a while it just seems blah and BAMN! the cycle repeats it self.

We all have our moments where things are sky high for us, where things are cloud nine and looking great.

I say congratulate others when they are doing good because when your turn comes you may want the same in return.

Be genuine not that fake “I’m soooo happy for you” (but you really don’t mean it sort of thing)

If you find yourself unable to be happy for others or you get mad and upset when you see someone else success well, you need to check your self. You may want to find out why aren’t your able to be happy for others. That is an intrinsic thing you have to review. Your turn is coming up next for great things to happen for you, but the longer you take to be happy for others then the longer it will take for your blessings to start pouring out for you.


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