21 days until my WJA (Weightloss Journey Anniversary)

Hey WordPress fam. You’re probably like here she goes again with her abbreviations but WJA is weightloss journey anniversary. January 7th, 2015 I made a decision to start my journey and change my life. What the heck of a journey it has been.

I’ve done things I didn’t think I would EVER do

  • Started this blog (I thought no one would read this)
  • Joined a gym ( who me.. HA!! you could NOT pay me in 2014 to step foot in a gym)
  • A Les Mills Combat junkie ( I still want to be an instructor)
  • Walk/jog a 5k (yes I walked majority but I would NEVER have done this at all if not for my WJ)
  • Military diet ( I use to laugh at people who did this, I did 6 rounds and plan to do more)
  • Master cleanse (6 days)
  • Green smoothie clean (8 days)
  • Sea salt flush (OMG this will change your life, I didn’t know my body could do this)
  • Waist trained ( I still laugh at my self but it gets results)
  • Inspire others to lose weight (Well that’s what some tell me)

Above are just the milestones I can think of but there is still 2 things I have yet to do on my weigh loss journey

  1. Share my before and after photo with wordpress and instagram. I don’t have a problem with my afters I think I look decent …ok ok I think I look freaking hot lol but I still feel a little scared to show my before pic. I look at that photo all the time and ask how did I get to that place??
  2. Make it to my desired weight of 137 lbs. I want to be at a healthy BMI and be able to say that I loss 100 lbs on my journey and I feel AWESOME.

I want others to know that they can do this. Start small. Know your why.. you don’t have to explain that to any one.  Start now.

Have you made a weight loss goal and accomplished it?

Do you mind showing your before and after pics? Scared? Nervous?

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