May I bare my soul for a minute

We at times can easily apologize to others but why can’t we do it to ourselves. We can easily tell others we are sorry..what they are doing wrong….can we move on from an issue but TODAY I WANT TO SHARE with you my open letter to my self and ask for you to sit down and do the same. Be truthful to yourself and heal through writing.

Dear Previous Jen,

I apologize for being so hard on you. I am hard on you because I see the great potential in you. But at times you have done some silly things. Maybe you weren’t thinking or maybe you just figure what the hell. I want you to know you are important. Don’t ever loose your self in other people because you have done that before. Don’t blame yourself for everything. I am glad you are getting out of that passive aggressive stage because it was starting to make you look insane. You are smarter than you may look and stronger than you feel some days. You should also not blame others for the choices that you have made, it just isn’t fair. You know a lot BUT YOU DON’T know everything be open to other peoples opinions because being a no-it-all doesn’t look good on you. You can be mean at times and its just a defense mechanism so people don’t take advantage of you because you have let that happen before as well. Remember how you were so concerned with the approval of others, well guess what the ONLY approval you need is from the man above , the BIG G-O-D. Remember the friends you felt you needed to be around well you don’t even talk to those people anymore and they were toxic to your elevation in life. Remember all the guys you thought were the 1 , well they weren’t, they were there for life lessons & some times you had to learn more than once. You mean a lot to some people and they mean a lot to you don’t let your ego get in the way of being a great person because you are sooooo stubborn. You have experienced hurt , deceit, disappointments, tragedy, shame and embarrassment BUT you have also experienced JOY, LOVE, COMRADERY, SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND GOD. You have taken the good with the bad and I am glad you no longer wallowing in pain but you have learned from it. You now know that after a storm comes clear clouds and sunny days. Keep going you have so many people to help and share your story  with.

Yours truly,

Current Jen

You too. If you are reading this you may know some of these feelings or different ones but time, growth and change are all you need. I promise you.

YOU GOT THIS! That’s the previous you. The present and future you has great things coming.

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