Its Official: I’m attending BlogFest 2016

I have to share some great news with you.I am attending BlogFest 2016.

It will be days of hanging with my Sweat Pink Ambassador sisters. We will be learning and sharing. Me, I plan to do a whole lot of learning being that there will be so many things to take in. To name a few

  • Blogging & Branding Trainings
  • Networking opportunities
  • Workouts (of course its a FITNESS BlogFest)
  • Some well known names like Jillian Michaels & Tony Horton
  • Fun & unity

About 2 months ago I wrote  Fitness BlogFest 2016 post where I encouraged all fitness bloggers to apply attend this event. I applied that day and my application was wait-listed. I could have got bent out of shape when I got the email but I didn’t. I thanked the director and hoped that a spot would open up.

Yesterday I received an email informing me that a spot has opened up & it has my name on it. I registered ASAP. Today I got the official badge & I WILL BE ATTENDING.

Apply even if you are wait-listed you may be offered a spot it something opens up.

Whether you attend this BlogFest or somewhere else if you are blogging find your community. Become apart of a community that will uplift you & support what you write about .

#ideaworld #blogfest #sweatpink


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