Society Said….. (Slap) Don’t listen to society

When I became an adult I forgot that I would have to think about a career. You know that thing they told you to get when you grew up .”You will get a career, just get a degree” well I have that and I do have a career but the catch is this is not the precise career path I expected for myself.

I get frustrated when I have played by the rules of society has set and some of you have heard these phrases before

  1. Get a degree and you will get a good job
  2. Take any position and get your foot in the door
  3. You need a job with benefits and a retirement plan
  4. Its not who you know its what you know
  5. Follow your passion

I want to mildly pick apart all 5 things I listed above

  1. I have a degree and my job is good but its not what I wanted to do I kinda just fell into my job but the change starts with me
  2. I took any position to get my foot in and 2 promotions and 5 years later I am not in the field I went to school for
  3. My job has benefits and a retirement plan but what if something I love doing doesn’t have that should I not go after it
  4. Yes its not who you no but sometimes it appears so because  when I see Mary Lou from accountings daughter is new employee without a interview but hired on the merit that her mom works here makes me question that “its not who you know” thing
  5. I should follow my passion but what if the passion I choose upfront doesn’t pay the bills then what do I do

Sometimes we have to GO AGAINST what society has said

  1. Yes a degree is great but there are many successful people who did not have a degree. They have the some book knowledge but actual life experiences and the hustle. All above that they trust God would do great things and had/have faith in him
  2. You can get your foot in the door but don’t stay at any company for 10 plus years then next thing you know you look around and you are at your 3o year of service retirement party. Get what you can from a position and move on
  3. You do want a job with benefits BUT remember if you financially plan correctly you can get government assistant for your medical benefits and go to your local financial institution where you can set up you own retirement fund
  4. Yes the who you know can get you in the door but the what you know is what people will pay attention to
  5. Follow your passion and think about all the ways that may not be monetary that you can capitalize on. The president actually doesn’t get paid as much as he should for all that he does but he gets other luxuries like living in the white house and getting to go FREE to many places. Maybe your passion can do this for you too

When its all said and done you can follow God, your heart and your purpose or conform to society and what it thinks you should do.

Do you listen God’s plan , your heart or society? Sometimes? All the time?

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