I said good-bye to Beach Body (The Company) My Experience Revealed

If you click on this to see if I would bash the company NO NO. That’s not what I am going to do. But I will tell you my TRUE experience.What I will say is this opportunity is for ANYBODY but not for EVERYBODY.

Sounds cliche-ish, I know BUT anybody can pay their $ and become a coach BUT not everybody can be a good “beachbody” coach

So I wanted to get a challenge pack and wanted to become a coach. My then coach explained to me that if I did get a challenge pack my coaching fee would be waived.

I figured, what the heck that sounds like a 2 for 1 deal plus I was already paying for my challenge pack just would have to fill out my information to become a coach.

I should have known it would be short lived from the start. I ordered my program, I then in return received the wrong program. 1 week later received the correct DVD.Customer service was descent.

When you become a coach you get so much information. My take away is that I can use it for my own business . They share tips, tricks, motivation and lots of  personal development which I love.

This is something everybody can do but not anybody can survive. A lot of people who are beach body coaches put a lot into their business as you should. Try it out for yourself and make your own choice.

My cons:

  1. I thought it was about sharing your story with people but its more about getting coaches signed up and also selling the product (I use the product so selling the product was not the issue BUT signing up others for a “business opportunity” IS NOT my thing) I think if people truly want the opportunity they either have it in their minds or already know. I WILL NOT CONVINCE anyone this is a GREAT opportunity. That just seems conniving, cheesy in my opinion & used car sales-ish. (NO THANK YOU)
  2. Marketing is major with this company and I am not that savvy YET so I lacked large in the most needed area

My pros:

  1. Their support for new coaches is freaking awesome. They have personal development down packed and anyone can learn a thing or 2 from some of these coaches
  2. It challenged me to see what I need to do if I want to be a strong fitness coach

Overall I am glad I was able to be apart of beachbody for the short amount of time (2 months) and those who I was in contact with were welcoming & willing to teach me.

This showed me that I can become a good coach on my own and still recommend a company’s program because I use it & it gave me results but I DON’T have a to be a coach for a company I can do it on my own with training

With this being said. I will start coaching others who are interested in losing weight and goal setting. I plan to dedicate a page here on my blog just for coaching.

If you have any questions specifically about beachbody please leave it in the comments or email me if you don’t feel comfortable asking the question here gojenbefit@gmail.com . I am more than willing to share what I know.

New chapter in my life “Goal & Weight loss Planning (Coaching) ”

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