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THANK YOU ALL FOR reading, commenting, liking, disliking( i learn for the unlikes as well), emails, phone calls, DMs, watching. I am still amazed of what Gojenbefit has turned into and continues to grow. It’s that time for me to share with you all some new things that are happening here on Gojenbefit. A few new things have unfolded and I want to share with you all.


My channel is blossoming. Make sure to SUSCRIBE.

I have switched my upload days and designated each day to specific topics . It was Mon, Weds and Thurs.


Sunday: Motivation/Tips & Tricks

Monday: How to’s/Answer a specific weight loss question

Wednesday: Products/Weight Loss tools

There will be random videos along the way.

Watch my update video


This blog started all of this. I will scale my content back because I will be doing more with the YouTube channel and I don’t want to be repetitive. Posting my content was every Wednesday. That has been changed to every other Wednesday. There will be new content here at least twice a month.

There will be random post along the way.

The layout will be changed. I will make the transition on the Bloggiversary.

Speaking of bloggiversary .

GOJEBEFIT is turning 2! I will be having a brunch.

The location have been narrowed down to Santa Monica, California. I am looking at 2 venues.

Still brainstorming on what should go in the swag bags. (If you have an idea let me know below) Pretty excited!!  I rarely plan anything for myself but I don’t have a problem planning something for Gojenbefit.

Facebook Group

I ran a weight loss challenge in this group. The ladies killed the challenge.

The ladies loss 51.2 pounds collectively in 21 days.

All my challenges will take in the BEFIT DIVAS Facebook group

In the BEFIT DIVAS community we uplift, support and encourage one another on this healthy lifestyle journey.

Join the Befit Divas Community!



Gojenbefit will have a quarterly newsletter where I will share anything new things happening and in more details. This includes events I will attend, upcoming challenges and weight loss tips/recipes I love.

Get on the list to receive the News Letter

Quarterly Newsletter:

Gojenbefit VIP Newsletter

Watch my weight loss tag video, get to know my story a little better

Feature PHOTO CREDIT: Pexel


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