Does Weight Loss Change your life ? Maybe

Don’t live in la-la land weight loss does NOT change your life drastically. I will be the first to tell it to you as straight as it comes, weight loss is nice but there is no magic dust that it provides you.

People approach me all the time raving how only if they loss a certain amount of pounds their life would definitely be different.



What’s the wait for?

Yes, losing weight does change your life. Losing weight does boost your self-esteem. When you start to see success you will feel like you can take on the world (AND YES YOU CAN) Weight loss instills a different type of discipline inside you. Its opens your eyes to how you can develop yourself even more in other areas of your life and not just weight loss.

No, losing weight does not change your life. You are still you so if you have a self esteem issue, issues from your childhood, a crappy job or a horrible attitude those issues will remain the same and will need to be dealth with one by one. Those things remain the same no matter how many pounds you lose. The only time any of those things will change is when you decide to change those things specifically.

Which brings me to

What’s the wait for? You don’t have to be buff, lose weight, or wait for a certain pair of jeans to fit you can make the changes to your situation NOW. Even if you make those changes please keep in mind everything still takes time. You don’t have to wait to be a size 2, to change your self image. You can do those things YOURSELF now.

I wish I could say it would magically make everything in your life picture perfect but it won’t.

Have you thought getting fit would change your life drastically? If you have lose weight or lived a healthier life how has your life changed?

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