10 MUST Know Tips for a New Blogger

Being a new blogger sounds fun but then so many things run through your mind like everyone has a blog so what makes mines different? or What would I really write about?  Will any actually read what the heck I write? Here let me take a shot at helping you on your journey to blogging. I have been blogging for 2 years now and by no means I am an expert but I am just sharing with you what took me 2 years to learn in one blog post. So sit down, grab a pen and paper and let’s talk about.


  1. Why | you have to get very clear on why you are blogging. This is a personal why so you don’t have to feel ashamed to state why you are really blogging. Let me help you out, you want to be famous? You want to make some extra cash? You want to document some type of journey? You just want to write for writing sake? Point is you have to be very clear on WHY you are blogging in the first place.
  2. Topic | you have to decide what will be your topic or topics. Despite what you have read, your blog can or cannot be niche but you do want to tell your audience exactly what you plan to write about. State your topic(s) in your about section of your blog. You can have more than one topic. My suggestion is don’t have more than 3. You want to let your audience know what your topics are so they know exactly what they are going to get when they visit your blog.
  3. Schedule | Yes you may be new to blogging but you should have a schedule. This is a day or days that someone knows that you will have a new blog post up. This helps your audience know when to look for new content and that also keeps you organized so you know how much content you need to write and when to have it ready. ( You could be a rebel and just post whenever you want, after all this is your blog)
  4. Calendar | Write down 10 blogging ideas every month then create a monthly calendar and place those ideas on your calendar so you can know what blog post to write and when you plan to publish on your blog. Don’t be afraid to re-arrange some things so that the topics flow and are consistent.
  5. Audience | When you first start writing , you may not fully know who your audience maybe but based on your topics you could predict what type of people will be in your audience. Once you have written 10 blog post, review your analytics (Analytics is the place where you can find out how many people visited your blog, from where and which post was visited) and see what blog post were the most viewed and make more content similar to that. Remember it’s your blog BUT you want to write for you and your audience and not just for yourself. It should be a win- win you get to write your thoughts, experience or opinion and others learn something new or new perspective from you.
  6. Optimization | Make sure that all your blog post can get the best exposure. Use the best categories and tags for the blog post you are writing about. Don’t over use tags try to use 15 or less tags and categories combined. Write an enticing title and excerpt so that your blog post can be searchable.
  7. Social Media | Have your social media automatically link to your blog so when new post publish your social media reflects that and if you don’t have social media linked to your blog, manually on all your social media accounts announce that you have a new blog post and people should head over to read it.
  8. Subscribers| Your blog will get subscribers and it may not be the 1,000 you think it will be right away. The best suggestion I have for you is, try not to look at the subscribers and just focus on creating consistent and great content for people to read. This is hard I know trust me I know but just keep writing the readers/subscribers will trickle in or you will take off and get a bunch of subscribers fast its all depends.
  9. Other Bloggers| Support other bloggers and collab with other bloggers. Other bloggers are your supporters not your competition. It’s okay to like and comment or subscribe to other bloggers because they will do the same for you BUT do not go to other blogger’s comments and be a spammer, comment when you truly have something to add to the conversation not just commenting to tell others to come check your blog out. Super tacky. Now if a blogger shouts you out that different.
  10. Be YOURSELF| Overall there is no 1 way to be a great blogger but bringing your own flavor to many of the topics that others have already talked about just bring your own commentary and your twist on it and keep doing it whether any one is reading or not.

Your turn if you are a new blogger what are your writing about ? If you are a seasoned blogger do you use any of the things I listed above or what tip would you give to a new blogger?

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