7 THINGS To Do to Prepare for a Blog Conference

Preparing for a blogger conference doesn’t have to be scary especially when it’s your 1st one there are so many questions. There are a few written rules of a blogger conference which appear standard and others not so much. I went to my first blogger conference last year and it was one of the most eye opening events of the year. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and lets not waste any more things

7 Sure fire ways to prepare for a blog conference

  1. Logistics | Do you have your ticket to event? Traveling car, train, and plane? Sleeping arrangements? Make sure these things are solidified at least one week before you head out , if not sooner
  2. Your agenda | which sessions do you plan to attend? Pick something that will benefit you as a blogger or something new you can bring to your audience
  3. Business cards/Media Kit | It is a staple to bring business cards. Some people have their links on them, with pictures and all kind of fancy things. When I bought business cards personally I felt like it was a waste with other bloggers but a must have with brands. With bloggers no one asked for my business card people asked me for my social media handles. Brands on the other hand wanted your business card or media kit so they could have a way to get in contact with you if they want to work with you on future projects
  4. Your Content/Social Media | People will ask you for your handle and your blog and social media, all these outlets you have will be looked at the entire time you are at the blog conference. Make sure your content is recent and no more than a week old. You want people (especially brands) to know that you are on your social media daily and if the last time you wrote a blog post was 3 months ago that won’t seem like you are active daily on your blog and or social media. Keep it as recent and up to date as you can.
  5. Elevator speech | People will ask you “What is your blog about?” you should be able to answer this in one minute and in 160 characters like a text message. Work on describing who you are, what do you and your blog does in less than one minute. No one wants your drawn out reason for why you started your blog, people want to know who are you and what do you do? Period (unless they inquire about more) Keep it short, sweet and concise
  6. Learning tools | The whole point of a blogger conference it commune with other bloggers and learn something new. Make sure to have your learning tools like your ipad, tablet, laptop, notebook, camera, phone and charger so that you can take lots of great notes, videos and pictures to implement on your blog.
  7. Collaborations| Get to know other bloggers that you either plan in advance to meet or schedule collabs with bloggers you meet at the conference. Make it your mission to see if you can schedule a collab with another blogger while you are there, make sure you have something beneficial to add to their blog and audience

Make sure to have fun! Its all a learning experience. If there is anything I left out please leave it in the comments.

Will you be attending a blogger conference? Have you attended a blogger conference? How did you find your conference?

Last year I went to blogfest #sweatpink #ideaworld and I will be there again this year

blog fest

Last year swag bag


Last year snacks were sponsored by Siggi’s  @siggisdairy


Last year Tony Horton received the Jack LaLanne award



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