Master Cleanse: Day 1 of 3 “off to a great start”

Hey word press fam so I started my cleanse yesterday. Guess what? I made it through day 1. The night before I made my batch and headed off to work to start day 1. I had my cleanse , tea and water.

Here are the 3 not so goods things on DAY 1:

  • Farewell lunch at work: One of the supervisors will be transferring and they sent out the invite on Monday and I did not attend. I wanted to stick to my cleanse
  • Co-workers questioned why am I cleansing: One co-worker said and I quote “every time I turn around you are cleansing and juicing” no harm intended I am sure but I have juiced 1 time and Master cleansed twice. So I just think that’s what she chooses to remember
  • My honey bunny decided to make me food: I told him Monday and dragged him to help me find ingredients for this cleanse maybe he did not remember but I hate turning down his good cooking but I want to stick to my guns and make it to Friday morning

Here are the 3 goods things on DAY 1:

  • I started my cleanse by opening a devotion book and it lead me to Exodus 14:14

    “The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.”

  • Support System: My co-worker, sister, and best-friend are doing the cleanse as well so at my moments of weakness (I had a few today) I turn to them for support and encouragement
  • Inquiring minds: 2 co-workers were intrigued to know how to make the master cleanse and wanted my opinion on how to do the cleanse and asked if they can do it with me next time ( No time soon , but I told them I would let them know)

Today I am doing okay. I have been thinking about food but I will stick to making it until Friday morning. I will write more about today tomorrow.

Next post coming tomorrow.

Review and 2 giveaways coming soon!

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