How to Remain *UNBOTHERED while you Level Up

When you decide to level up it is a big deal for YOU but it’s even a bigger deal to people that are used to you being your same ole, regular and basic self. When you start talking and acting different people around you will 1. TAKE NOTICE and 2. COMMENT [positive and negative]. Unfortunately the way the human brain is set up we allow the negative to affect us more than positive and this slows down the level up and the glow up. You should have known this would be a blog post I would write after writing “Level up mentally with actionable steps” and “How to glow up physically” 

Lets get  into it How you can remain UNBOTHERED while you level up

#1 Momentum: When you level up, build momentum first before you start talking about it. [maybe 1 month in before you say anything]. This is good so you can work out the details within yourself so when people do have nasty or negative remarks you already have a path or direction for your journey  and their comment won’t throw you off your path. 

#2 Silence: If no one has not told you lately “you talk too much” Silence while on your journey will be great because people cannot judge or criticize what they don’t know about your journey. Let your successes speak for themselves. Even if you do share, I suggest you spare the details.

#3 Projection: Understand its not you its them. When they see you changing and getting the thing you want out of life they will question you and try to stop you because you are a mirror of what they could be doing and they are only projecting how they feel about them self on you so don’t take it personal. 

#4 Tribe: Find others that are on their journey so you don’t have to associated with people that bother you with negativity about you changing. Get around people that understand why you want this change for your life. 

#5 Fails: On your level up journey there will be set backs and or failures but do yourself a favor, fail in private or in private with your tribe [See #4]. Do not put your failures or mistakes on display for people were not rooting for you anyway to judge your hard work. Once you overcome a failure and you want to share later this is okay but while you are in the middle of something not going how you planned is the worst time to share with negative people because they will double down on you about your journey and this can lead to quitting which is not what we do here. Setbacks set you up for major comebacks.

[Disclaimer: you will be bothered by some things people say because you are a human with real emotions] 

Key is to “appear unbothered’ many who act unbothered it is just that an act to not let others see they are getting you. 

Read and watch others talk about being unbothered

Your turn. How are you remaining unbothered as you level up?

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