2 Actions that have changed me

A few people have asked me what has changed about my day to day habits lately. Some people who have asked me seemed to be looking for some super natural, exotic or infamous answer. Like many things I share with people, my answer is simple

2 actions that changed & saved me:

  1. Praying
  2. Writing

Both of these actions are uplifting, therapeutic and raw

  • Praying– When I pray I speak to God with respect but I don’t pretend because guess what he already knows who you are so why come to him all perfect like you have done nothing wrong when he knows that you have sinned or your heart is heavy he is just waiting for you to come to him as you are and as truthful as you can be. 
  • Writing– I carry around my journal like its my wallet. I write just in general at times, to God, my goals, how I feel I just write but not that fake phony, let me write censored in case someone reads my journal. I write how I feel if its hate, scared, shame, disappointment, happy , sad , un-easy or overwhelmed I write my feelings down just as they come even if it doesn’t make sense if I re-read it that’s how I felt when I was writing and it needed to be written. 

You can buy a journal for a $1 or more if you  want the fancy stuff.

You can pray , any where any time and guess what it is FREE and God hears you and your prayers even if they are silent.

These to actions have truly changed me. Now these are 2 things I cannot do with out.

I hope that you can pray and write it will make you feel so great.


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