Sick, Tired and Ready to take action: WEIGHTLOSS

December 13th 2014 at a party…It was clear to me that I was uncomfortable in the skin I was in. Trying to mask it with a new outfit, high heels, eye lashes and fancy hair but it all came crumbling down once someone stood next to me making it clear that I had let my self go and what has happened to me? She  reminded me that she  remembered when I was smaller.

The thing that bothered me about this conservation was that this person happened to be bigger than me in size and she stood their and commented on my weight but what was more horrifying is that she was saying all the things that I had thought about my self lately.

I thought to my self:

What happened to me?

When did food become a place of comfort?

How did I let myself get out of hand?

Am I being vain? Will people judge me for wanting to lose weight? Will people think its because of them? I thought I was a happy big girl, thick girl, plus size girl.

The truth was I was unhappy being overweight and claiming that I loved being plus size was a way to give others the illusion that I was okay with being overweight which was completely FALSE

I have a note pad on my phone where I jot down quick notes. That night as I left the party with watery eyes I wrote

“It starts today”


At that time I didn’t know where to start but all I knew was I was sick, tired and ready to take action

If anyone out there is ready to take action


  • Write down a small goal … 4lbs in 2 weeks … simple and not dramatic
  • Half everything. Want a bag of chips. Eat half. Want a  burger. Eat half
  • Drop the soda, juice, smoothies, shakes. DRINK WATER ONLY
  • Walk for at least 30 mins 3 days out of the week. Walking is free and relaxing
  • Get support. This wont always be from family and friends you may need to find a face to face or online group
  • Try 1 thing and stick to it for 30-60 days
  • Be patient its a slow process

Are you ready to take action? Have you taken action lately?

Have any questions email me

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