Fails and successes of 2015

Happy Monday WordPress family! I want to talk about fails and successes of 2015. I could just write about all the great things that have happened all year but that wouldn’t be a true depiction of how any of our lives are, now would it?


  1. I’ve applied for what feels like 100 career positions just to be given the “you have enough education but not enough experience bid”
  2. I set a weight goal for my graduation and I did not reach it I was shy of 5 pounds.
  3. When buying my home I thought I was going to be able to purchase in March well guess what DID NOT HAPPEN I didn’t have enough $ saved up .
  4. Attempted to start a group home ( need a house first)
  5. Attempted to start a after school program ( the government is no longer funding high school after school programs)
  6. Wanted to go to a Administrator training (don’t have enough experience)
  7. Attempted my mind and body fitness certification test 3 times FAILED
  8. Wanted to sign up to be a turbo kick instructor, didn’t I was too scared
  9. When I closed on my house, I was informed that I needed $2,000 more of I would not get my house
  10. Attempted to start a women’s master mind group, too scared to follow through


  1. I’m learning to have a better relationship with God the almighty
  2. I’ve loss up to 95lbs ( I say up to because the holidays have been a challenge, I have gained about 8lbs but I’m getting back to the journey)
  3. I bought my house (October I was officially moved in)
  4. I’ve been doing public speaking which excites me
  5. I’ve taken weight loss and weight management courses
  6. I  won 6 diet bets
  7. I won my in office weight loss challenge
  8. My purpose to help others in their life has become clearer to me
  9. I’ve become open to people and things I was once closed off to
  10. I have given some social media platforms a try and they are not the enemy like I thought

I’ve made the numbers even because there will be good and bad that happens but the GOOD always refutes the bad making it seem not as bad when you take time to reflect.

I want to hear from you. What were your fails or successes of 2015? Have they made you a better person either way?


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