Naughty or Nice: **Weightloss Edition**

Merry Christmas Eve WordPress Fam! The big day is tomorrow. Christmas yes. The birth of Jesus Christ. Lets be thankful, rejoyceful and in prayer. Christmas brings on the holiday parties, gifts and goodies. Some of us part-take in the festivities more than others so lets talk about being naught or nice during a weightloss journey

You may have been Naughty….

  • Eating cake and cookies
  • Forgetting counting calories
  • Not working out
  • Skipping weights
  • Justifying bad eating because of he holidays

Lets get back to Nice….

  • Minimize eating baked treats
  • Start back calorie counting, using containers, and packing your lunch
  • Create a work out schedule or routine
  • Incorporate weights into your workouts
  • The holidays are coming to an end. Lets get summer ready

Yes you gotta get that body prepped in winter to make its debut the first day of summer.

We will know who has been naughty or nice on the 1st day of summer

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! Don’t drink too much eggnog.


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