Don’t waste your money: Weightloss Edition

Hey WordPress family! Welcome to 2016. I want to talk about all the weight loss products, coaches, programs, and trainers that have sales going on right now because they are seeking to capitalize or prey on the people who have the famous “I WILL LOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR” resolution.

I don’t want you to waste money.

I am cheap OK OK… I am thrifty that sounds much better but

I don’t want to to pay for anything that is a scam, gimmick, trick or plain ole crap.

You want

  1. A trainer or coach who cares about you and your health
  2. You want products that have proven to work long term
  3. You want programs that are sustainable

You don’t want 

  1. A trainer or  coach who just wants you to buy their service , meal plans and workouts then forgets about you being their client
  2. Products that don’t work and are based on nothing but foolishness
  3. Programs that have a one size fits all or are drastic/harmful to your body and or health

Be careful please please please WordPress family I am not saying don’t get a coach, trainer, product or program but I am saying please make sure anything you buy whether its a service or program see if it is legit, not harmful to you and you see yourself actually getting benefit from it.


2 thoughts on “Don’t waste your money: Weightloss Edition

  1. jlstanding says:

    It’s so true. So many people offer cookie cutter programs these days even though they advertise for customization. And then they never respond to your emails or questions! I’ve heard too much about this. The best thing you can invest is time in yourself!!!

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