Confession #4 of my weight-loss journey: Obessed with every pound

Obsession is defined by the Webster dictionary as: a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal.

There is nothing wrong with being focused and determined about losing weight. But when you strive for it & become willing to do not normal things to lose weight that is when it is officially out of hand.

Last year before my birthday I became so obsessed with making it to a certain weight that I didn’t want to go out to eat with others, ate bare minimum calories, didn’t want to attend & Christmas parties or eat anything anyone offered me.

I became obsessed with

  1. Getting on the scale
  2. Working out 2 or more times a day
  3. Counting every calorie

Anyone that was around me I would scrutinized what they were eating. My sister actually yelled at me when I told her what she was eating was crap!

At that moment I had to evaluate what I was doing and the person I was becoming.

I didn’t want to be

  1. The person who missed out on great events
  2. Declined peoples invites or food
  3. Tell people about what they should or should not be eating

All because I was so obsessed with losing weight

Think about these things if you feel yourself or before you get to an obsess state 

  1. Its suppose to be a fun and learning journey don’t make it more serious than that
  2. Evaluate yourself before others do, you know when you are taking it too far
  3. Keep your goals realistic & don’t do unethical things to achieve results
  4. Live your life, attend events with others because they may stop offering
  5. Don’t let the journey take over your life, write down your goals and STAY IN CONTROL

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