Waist Trainer Lawsuit: I don’t look like a Kardashian


Oh WordPress family I have to post about this.  I saw this on TMZ and I screenshot the featured picture from their website.

The kardashians promote a waist training company by the name of Waist Gang Society. Being that the Kardashians carry so much clout and many people  want to be like them people purchased the waist trainers thinking they would lose weight and have the bodies that the Kardashians have.

Now I have wrote about waist trainers before and I have said that Solely putting on a waist trainer and doing nothing will not result in you losing weight, having a small waist or flatter stomach.

I am unsure if those who are suing this company deserve (this will be up to the judge & or jury) any money because they bought a product that is a weight loss tool not a weight loss miracle.
A waist trainer is to aid someone in their weight loss journey or transformation.

If you are going to use a waist trainer:

1. Know that you will NOT  look like a Kardashian. You will look like yourself, beautiful.
2. You must work out with a waist trainer on.
3. You must still eat healthy.
4. Research the waist trainer you will purchase.
5. Know the difference between a waist trainer, trimmer, band shaper and corset because THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT
6. It will help with water weight and that’s probably it.

Do your research before you buy ANY PRODUCT especially ones promising miracles.

If someone really had a miracle product for weight loss, do you think they would be selling it for $69.99 +shipping and handling?  Umm no.

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