Dear JERK at the gym,

Its been a while since I have went on a rant and I just can’t see myself turning a blind eye to this NONSENSE any longer. So I am at the gym minding my own little business and of course my eyes are people watching and listening to my music at the same time. I see this young lady who appears to be minding her own business at the gym while a guy and his friend look like they were taking her picture and snickering at her. Of course I rolled my eyes and I got mad as hell. Because this is not the first time I have seen foolishness like this, I’ve heard stories before but now I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.

Dear Jerk at the gym,

You make it hard for people who are overweight or plain ole new to working out come to the gym because you are judgmental and make a mockery of people trying to get healthy. Your stares, side eyes and laugh make it even more harder for people to want to come to the gym, they are not a science experiment so stop looking so damn hard. Yes some may have a few pounds to lose or want a lifestyle change and duh that is why WE (me included) come to the freaking gym. We have to deal or dealt with people like you walking down the street, in line at the grocery store and at a restaurant. Keep your comments and your looks to your damn self. I don’t care that you wear you tight shirts to show off your muscle or you can bench press 500 lbs. I may not know you but there is 1 thing I do know about you, you lack character and compassion for others because how dare you make fun of someone trying to do better for their health and their well being. Someone told me that I shouldn’t be pissed off because “you are not fat anymore! , so why do you care?” I care and I can be pissed off because I was that person who was scared to step foot in the gym because of jerks like these 2 clowns I ran into. I know the feeling of feeling like people are looking at you or making fun of you while you work out. I know that feeling very well and it does not feel good at all. So if you are this jerk at the gym please STOP what if that was your wife, dad,mom, sister, son, daughter ,brother or husband would it be funny then?? Hell no it wouldn’t. So please respect everyone at the gym beginners and experienced.




To all my beginners in the gym (or people who are uncomfortable going to the gym)

  1. Don’t let anyone make your feel like you don’t belong at a gym, you pay a membership juts like anyone else
  2. If you don’t know how to use a machine, ask someone who works at the gym they will show you and its apart of their duty to make sure your are informed so you don’t injure
  3. Get comfortable at the gym , learn your peek and low times of your gym and come WHEN YOU feel comfortable whether its busy or not
  4. Its feels weird at first but soon you will no longer feel uncomfortable at the gym the more you go, give yourself time
  5. Stick with it, if the gym is not for you do a at home workout but DON’T let anyone stop you from coming to the gym not even the jerks that may hangout there matter a fact they can kiss your gluteus maximus and medius muscle

Have you experienced a jerk at the gym?

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10 thoughts on “Dear JERK at the gym,

  1. Nicole says:

    Love this post! I thankfully haven’t experienced a jerk at the gym but it would have been soul destroying if I had during those first few times.

    I hope people know that those few idiots do not make up the entirety of a gym, takes a lot of guts for someone to enter and for people to do that is disgraceful.

    Great post and something that needed to be said!

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      • Nicole says:

        I hope so too, I think it’s a common fear and for it to happen, it’s rare. And it’s important to remember that pretty much everyone is there for a similar reason.

        Anyway, like I say I think this really needed to be said because of how common that fear is, so really and truly good for you for putting it out there!

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  2. Ice_Badger says:

    you are definitely right to post it!

    I used to stare down those guys and march into the free weights area and get on with it what ever they were thinking/saying but it was terrifying!! I don’t care now, I am still overweight in many peoples eyes but I also look strong and am fit! so I don’t care!

    apart from that one tie I went to a bodybuilder gym when it was really busy…then i felt awful…but generally I feel like a superhero now and I want to help others do the same! So well done for posting and for caring…next time go and “accidentally” drop a weight on their foot! 😀

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  3. TheChattyIntrovert says:

    Right on. The judgment (perceived or real) would make me want to stop for a while, seeing people seemingly so much healthier and me not getting results made me quit–which of course made it worse.

    I just be pleasant now and mind my own business for the most part. I’m not there for a hookup–I’m there to make myself healthier and drop this tire around my middle, so I don’t care what they say anymore.

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