Lose Weight Eating Fast Food (LIST INCLUDED)

FotorCreatedYes you can have fast food when you are loosing weight but before you get too excited, IT HAS TO BE A HEALTHY option or modified version. When we think of fast food we think burgers, fries, shakes and all that GOOD stuff. Think about these 3 things. 1. You may not want healthy all the time 2. It will be costly 3. You probably can make it at home

  1. There is such thing as healthy fast food. You get it and go that’s why its fast.
  2. The healthy food options always cost more that the not so good stuff. For example a double cheese burger at McDonald may run you $2.50 but if you get the salad you are looking at $9.50
  3. Some of the healthy food options more than likely you could have made it at home and probably half the cost, but you pay for convenience.

Fast food healthy options exist you just have to make a good choice

Here are some fast food places/restaurants you may know or have in your city with some healthy/low calorie option:


  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • 8 pc nugget and small fries
  • 4 chicken strips and side salad

El pollo loco :

  • Mini/kids pollo bowl
  • 2 chicken legs, 1 side salad
  • Double Chicken Avocado salad

Flame Broiler:

  • Mini chicken bowl-brown rice
  • Mini beef bowl- brown rice
  • Mini chicken and beef bowl- no rice – steamed vegetables

Mc Donalds

  • Premium southwest salad
  • 6 chicken nuggets
  • Honey mustard grilled snack wrap


  • Egg white, spinach and feta wrap
  • Chicken on flatbread with hummus artisan snack plate
  • Skinny latte

Taco Bell

  • 2 Fresco Crunchy Tacos
  • 2 Fresco Grilled Steak soft taco
  • 2 Fresco Grilled chicken soft taco


I hope this list helps somebody. You can start looking at your local fast food restaurants and find out the best healthy option they have.

Do you eat the healthiest thing on the menu when you go to a fast food place?

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