3 Must-Know Job Hunting Tips in 2016

“Its too competitive. I rather just not try at all.” I do recruitment as 1 of my lovely task at work. My organization is looking to fill 50+ vacant spots with 300+ active employees.  I have learned a few things for myself but more so I have learned a lot about current wave of applicants looking for employment in 2016.

One too many times at career events I meet people who say

  1. “I am willing to take “ANY” position because I have bills to pay”

  2. “What does your company do and what positions can I apply to today?”

  3. My new favorite, “I have education/training but  its “too competitive” in the job market so I gave up.

First off let me refute the things said above 

  1. When you walk up to a recruiter or a hiring manager, saying you will do anything or any job that is currently open does not make you look like you have done your research and it makes you look like a “employment risk” . An employment risk to my organization and a few others means a person who will have us process them to be hired but since they are willing to do anything and if a higher paying position comes along they will leave at the drop of a dime. Even if you are willing to do anything and we all have bills but DON”T SAY THAT TO someone who has the authority to hire and or interview you.
  2.  When you attend a career fair or employer event do yourself a favor and know what positions are at each table before you attend, if possible. When you walk up to a table unsure or not knowledgeable of the positions or the company it makes you appear as if you are not invested in learning more about that company or you have not even done the bare minimum research about where you will potentially work.
  3. Yes its competitive but when you get in front a recruiter that is the moment to solidify and convince that recruiter why you are the best candidate. Saying that it is too competitive out here thus is why you don’t put much effort into seeking employment does not make you look like a strong  candidate in a recruiters eyes. If you are timid about just putting in a application or asking questions, how can you expect a recruiter to present you as a strong candidate to the hiring manager.

Do yourself a favor brush up on your research and communication skills before you attend any career event or interview.

3 things to get your career/job hunt off to a good start 

  1. Know Your Desired Field: Decide and know what field you are interested then stick to that. Have some certainty about what career path you desire ( I know it sounds simple and I know its not but If you were a recruiter for nurses but some walks up to you talking about a construction job position you would look at them oddly and  you don’t want to be that person)
  2. Research before hand: Do your research on any company and position you plan on applying for  (Google the company or a generic description of a job. Most employers have basic job information on their websites)
  3. Why are YOU the best candidate: Learn what makes you the best candidate and highlight that when you talk to recruiters/potential employers ( You know you best so if you are punctual, accountable or a have a skill like grant writing, budgeting, conflict management or 10 key  what ever it is, tell the recruiter about that as long as it pertains to the company and positions they are offering)

I just want all my getfits to be prepared when going to a career event or applying for a job/career positions.

Everything I mentioned above are tips that I have used for myself.

Are you currently looking for employment? DO you research a company before you apply to a position?







2 thoughts on “3 Must-Know Job Hunting Tips in 2016

    • gojenbefit says:

      Thank you for commenting and even I have sat in front of employers during a interview and said I DON’T KNOW to an question. I learned my lessons right then to be prepare. Glad you got something out of this post and THANK YOU for following 🙂


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