Dear Self: Have you forgotten where you started?

Recently I experienced the horror when someone sends you a before photo of yourself just when you were about to spiral out of control and return back to where you started in the first place. Overweight,unhappy and satisfied with yourself.

Wake up! Snap out of it! You got to be kidding me? Do you need a slap in the face or a kick in the butt? You  must have forgotten what it has taken you to get here and I am here to EXPLAIN IT to you. Don’t pretend like you don’t hear me.

**Subconscious gets quiet**

10 minutes later

I told you I would EXPLAIN IT to you, you can act like you don’t hear me but you more than hear me, you feel me and I won’t be quiet , we have to face this.

Above is what I struggled with about 2 weeks ago.  I can say it now but 2 weeks ago I was drifting back into old habits for all the wrong reasons.

There I was on a destructive self-sabotage path…Eating whatever, whenever because I have discovered I am a stress eater and when things look bleak for me the first place I run to is the  closest fast food drive-thru so I can eat my favorites and forget about my problems but guess what

After the burgers, tacos, shakes, gummy bears and cookies (oh don’t forget cake)

My problems were still there. Why do I do this? Did I forget that I was here before drowning my sorrows in food.

Fast forward**

I was on the stair machine at the gym the other day and sometimes I play music and look at my before and after weight loss pics. No not for vanity reasons BUT for a reminder that I have come along way and I can’t let a few adult problems stop me from continuing on my health journey. But this time it was different because my eyes started to water when I looked at these pics.

** I said self , “you better not start crying in this gym, these people will think you are insane**

Holding back the tears, I forced a smile because it all made sense at that moment  I cannot go backwards I need to keep moving forward

I want you and I to remember

  1. Problems will happen we just need to learn to deal with them better
  2. You can’t give up on you because in essence you are all you have ( I know we have family, significant others and friends but YOU are in your own body and have to make decisions for YOU)
  3. Your subconscious will seep out so don’t run from what the inner you is saying
  4. You DESERVE great things that includes relationships, social life, work, health and all that good stuff so be open to it
  5. You are the captain of your own ship so you gotta know when to set sail, slow down or even rest for a little

I hope someone gets something out of this. I know I was all over the place but we are all struggling with something so be kind to others as well as yourself.

My getfits.. if you are on a journey keep going. If you are starting just start with what you have and if you are almost finish reach back and help someone struggling like you once were.

None of us are perfect but we are made in a perfect image and God wants us to be happy, healthy and have all the things we deserve in life.

You know.. THE GOOD LIFE

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