Finding a Nice Outfit for an Event on a Budget: 5 Tips

If you are anything like me you tend to think you need to buy something new when you are invited to an event or you know something special is coming up. More times than not events seem to always pop up when you are unprepared financially or in between paychecks. It becomes a hassled to rush out, spend money on getting an outfit, a gift then at the event pay for dinner, drinks, and maybe even parking.

We all want to look our best when we go to an event. I want to share with you how you can dress nice on a budget.

When we think on an outfit it does not stop at just clothing. We need to think about hair, accessories, shoes and potential luxury grooming like makeup, nails or dry cleaning.

5 Tips

  1. Use what you have: You may have something in your closet that you have not worn for a while. Go through your closet before you buy anything and see what you can wear that you already have.
  2. Borrow something : Your sibling, cousin or bff may have something that you can borrow to wear. If they allow you to borrow something just make sure you return it in the condition you received it or better (by better I mean wash then fold it or get it dry cleaned when you return it)
  3. Stop by your local thrift store: If you do have to buy something new head to the thrift store. I love goodwill and Salvation Army. Yes it was old to the person who donated it but it is new to you and your family/friends who will see you in it. Plus a thrift store will have items that are as low as a $1 that you can make look like a million bucks
  4. Do it yourself (DIY): If you can do your hair cut or style or makeup take your time and do it yourself. You save money by doing things you can do yourself. Even skip the dry cleaners and steam press your clothes.
  5. Budget Friendly amount: If you just cannot get around purchasing something brand new, when you go to any store set a reasonable amount of $20 to spend nothing over that amount actually it would be best if you stayed under that amount.

Hopefully for your next event you can use these tips and save you some cash or find cheaper alternatives.

Do you buy new things to wear for an event? Do you do any of the tips I listed above?

To all my getfits out there time to stay on track or get back on track.

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