How to be a Good Co-Worker & Stick to Your Weightloss Goals

Working in an environment where you and your co-workers get along for the most part is great. At work some of us are with our co-workers more than we are with our own families. Having a good working relationship with my co-workers is important. But when losing weight it could cause small wedge between you are co-workers because you no longer make the lunch restaurant runs, vending machine breaks, taco Tuesday, donut Thursday or happy hour on Friday.

When you are losing weight or beginning your life style change it may cause friction between you and your co-workers because you become anti-social for a small part because a lot of what the office may celebrate will involve food that you maybe trying to stay away from.

The last thing you want it to be that co-worker that acts totally different because you are losing weight. You actually want to find a balance and stick to that.

Here are 4 ways you can be a good co-worker but still stick to you weight loss goals\

  1. Have a weekly plan: Plan your workouts, breakfast and lunch. If you work out during lunch plan that ahead so you don’t get side tracked when your co-workers ask you to do something different. Pack or plan your lunch in advance. Yes a asada breakfast burrito and a Starbucks Frappuccino would be good for breakfast and sounds better than your oatmeal and banana BUT stick to what you packed so you can stick to your goal.
  2. Don’t only talk about your weight loss goal: Your co-workers don’t want to hear about your new workout or the fact that you are down 0.4 lbs. this morning. Unless your coworkers ask you don’t only talk about weight loss there are way more other things you can talk about like your favorite show, some non-weight loss plans you have for this weekend or vacation ideas. No one wants to hear about you talk about weight loss 24/7 it’s freaking irritating so don’t do it.
  3. Have lunch with your co-workers: One day out the week go to lunch with your co-workers. Making your lunch all week is great but then if your co-workers go out all week then you are not being social and interacting with them so choose 1 day out the week where you make it your business to eat or go out with your co-workers. If you know where you guys will go that day you can choose something healthy on the menu so when you get there you can stay on track or make it your cheat meal and get what you desire.
  4. Don’t be a weight loss snob: If your co-workers aren’t working out or eating like you don’t look down on them or make them feel bad because they are not on a weight loss journey or lifestyle change. You co-workers don’t need you judging them. Focus on your own goals.


Stay on track when you are at work. I know it can seem hard to stick to your goals when we are among other people who are doing the opposite of what we are doing.

Understand you are doing something that many people are not doing so you have to still interact with others but keep working on your personal weight loss or lifestyle change.

DO you have a hard time sticking to your goals at work?

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