4 Things People “Keep Quiet” about in Graduate School


Graduate school has a bad rep. Many of us only know that it takes up our time, cost too much money and some people think it’s a flat out dumb idea or a load of crap.

Well I want to share with you 4 things people usually keep hush about when it comes to graduate school. I want at least 1 of these 4 things to help you before your enter a program, getting into a program or while you are in your program.

Some things are taboo to talk about in grad school but here are the 4 things people rarely talk about in graduate school.

  1. Actually Getting Accepted: downloadGetting into a graduate program can be mind-boggling.  Lots of documents to gather transcripts, letter of recommendations, writing sample, test scores but what happens if you don’t quite fit the qualifications. 1 thing you can do to plead your case to why you should be accepted to a program.  You can write a letter of explanation that will be given to the chairperson of the program to review and decide if you are a potential good candidate. Yes there is hope for you to be accepted if your letter has documentation and detail. You may be offered a “provisional acceptance” which is you proving that you can be good graduate candidate despite the hiccups you made previously. In translation your advisor will watch you like a hawk your first semester to make sure your g.p.a is 3.0 or above and you deserve to be there or you will be asked to leave and not come back. Pretty much like academic probation in undergrad.
  2. Needing Money: downloadGraduate school cost a lot of money. If you don’t have a scholarship or grant, you will take out loans and or paying from your own pocket. You can do 2 things. One, see if your employer offers a grant or discount to certain colleges/universities. Two, you can email or call the financial aid office and ask beside what they have offered you, if there are any extra grants they have not advertised or something extra they can give you.
  3. The Moment(s) of Regret:3036936-poster-p-1-social-media-regret There will be a point in your program that you will ask yourself why in the heck did I sign up for this and maybe even contemplate quitting BUT DO NOT. Its okay that happens to many of us, this is natural or normal. Just remind yourself why you started your program in the first place, for that promotion, for that raise in your current position, career transition, become an expert on a topic, for your family, entrepreneurial reasons. You get my drift just remind your self why you started and stick to it.
  4. Getting your feelings hurt: download (2)Everything you do will be critiqued in grad school. From your research question you formulate to the way you present or facilitate in class will be evaluated. Prepare to be given harsh feedback, constrictive feedback or rejection. There is a reason for the madness, it is apart of developing who you as a professional. No one means any harm if they critique you its for growth purposes. Its for the betterment of your writing and speaking skills, you will be thankful later but when it first starts you feel singled out. But if you feel like its too much check to see if you are mistaken or if that’s what s actually taking place.


Everything I listed above I experienced.

I was accepted provisionally to my master program because I did not have a 3.0 gpa in under grad. I wrote my explanation letter. If you want a sample, let me know. I can send you what I wrote. Or just Google explanation letter sample, that’s how I found mine.

I used the partnerships my job had with my schools to receive a discount and a 1-time grant, which helped pay for books and parking pass the 1st semester. Also I called my financial aid office and they were able to give me a grant that was later issued in my program by Microsoft.

I regretted enrolling in my program about 1,000 times while I was there but now as I look back it was the BEST decision I ever made and it has gotten me into career positions I did not qualify for previously.

I didn’t like getting rejected or critiqued in my program because I felt like they were picking on me at time BUT come to find out everyone got critique I just took it way too personal. Now as I reflect those were the best learning moments for me.

This meant to give you insite before you attend a program or continue. You are not alone in this. You should know what you are getting into and what you are aiming for. To my get fits reading this if I can help or you have questions about grad school please feel free to comment or email me.

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2 thoughts on “4 Things People “Keep Quiet” about in Graduate School

  1. celiamae says:

    Being critiqued is hard to handle sometimes but we get better and move forward! These are all very true aspects of grad school but I’m glad you’ve realized it has helped you in the long run!

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