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Can’t get any simpler than this exercise! Strike out the ones you’ve completed and a little explanation of the one’s you’ve not.

I was nominated for this by Fitnessgrad. Thank you for nominating me, she is a fitness blogger who has great tips and shares her own story about her journey. Check her out she is pretty dope 🙂

  1. Kissed someone– This happens daily
  2. Smoked a cigarette– Yes I have but it tastes nasty and its way too expensive for me
  3. Got so drunk you passed out- Never been that turned up
  4. Gone to a rock concert- Yes for one new years eve and I just couldn’t understand why I was there
  5. Helped someone- Yes I have and I love doing it. If I can help you just let me know
  6. Gone fishing– No I have not. I need to.
  7. Watched 4 movies in one night- Yes I have love jones, training day , whats love gotta do with it and the cook out yes I love those days
  8. Lied to someone– Yes but I didn’t want to hurt their feelings
  9. Failed a subject–I failed signed language in under grad and I was just being a lazy student didn’t do the work
  10. Been in a car accident– Yes. The lady hit me but where she report to her insurance she said I hit her. Liar. But my car got fixed. My insurance company was awesome.
  11. Been in a tsunami- No and I pray for those who have because it appears to be a horrific experience that I wouldn’t want to anyone to have
  12. Watched someone die, including pets- No I have not and I pray for those who have to have a clear heart and heal in the future from the loss
  13. Been to a funeral Yes. I do not like them
  14. Burned yourself–Yes and it hurt like heck. I went to pull a bundt cake pan out of the oven but I had on no mittens I was not thinking
  15. Run a marathon- No but I do want to train for 1 maybe in the next 2 years .
  16. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day–Yes when I agreed to my student loans
  17. Flown on an airplane– Yes but I don’t really like flying but I love making it to the destinations
  18. Written a 18 page letter (Front and back)- Well does my research paper count I believe it was 42 pages.
  19. Gone skiing- No but I want to
  20. Lost someone you loved– Yes recently so I vowed to spend more time with family and friends
  21. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do– Yes
  22. Stolen a book from the library– Does never returning it count??
  23. Gone to a different country- Yes Central America
  24. Gambled in a casino- Yes, I got hooked at the craps table .. I had to leave.
  25. Been in a school play– Yes! In elementary and high school
  26. Taken a lie detector test-Yes, for work I was so nervous
  27. Voted for someone on a reality TV show– Yes Ruben Studard on American Idol
  28. Read more than 20 books in a year– Forced to during school
  29. Gone to Europe- No but I need to make it there. If you are in Europe ..can I stay at your home? lol
  30. Had a surgery– No.
  31. Had Stitches– No
  32. Ridden a tuk-tuk (autorickshaw)- Never heard of this.
  33. Had more than 5 IM messages going on all at once– Yes back when I was using yahoo IM
  34. Been in a fist fight– Lets just say I was not the nicest person when I was younger and I got in to more trouble than I should have
  35. Suffered any form of abuseVerbal from someone I should have never gotten involved with in the first place
  36. Had a pet– Yes I have a lovely cat and dog
  37. Petted a wild animal– Not wild
  38. Had your own credit card and bought something with it – Yes I have ..Lots of those things I look back and question why I did in the first place
  39. Dyed your hair- Yes in high school I dyed it amber
  40. Got a tattoo- Yes 3 and I want 2 more
  41. Had something pierced- Yes nose, dermal and ears . I want another dermal
  42. Got a straight A– Yes in a few classes.
  43. Taken pictures with a webcamYes but they looked crappy
  44. Caught people in the act of coitus– Yes, I rather not have
  45. Gone to sleep with music on– Yes, love going to sleep with r&b is playing
  46. Dreamt of you making out with a celebrity–yes, Trey Songs anyone lol

Here are the 5 bloggers I nominate do participate in this exercise:

  1. The Road Less Eaten
  2. Fitmonzter
  3. The Unfiltered Mind of a Filtered Girl
  4. TheWillWrightBlog
  5. Standing Strong Wellness

Thanks again to Fitnessgrad for nominating me to do this exercise it was fun and I hope those who I nominated to do and have as much fun as I did.

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