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It is important to know that there will be ups and downs when you choose to embark on a weight loss journey / lifestyle change. Lots of what floats around about weight loss on the internet mostly shares the great moments which is wonderful when they happen but let’s not be fooled weightloss has an ugly side as well and I am the fitness blogger that will share with you both sides of the weight loss coin the bad and the good.

The goods and bads I will share with you does not stop here. There are many more but these are the ones that stick out to me that I believe are helpful for those who are beginners and those who are darn near experts because no matter where you are you can relate to at least 1 of these.

3 Bads:

  1. Hyper-sensitive– You may probably become more sensitive to the negative comments people will say to you because they may come more often than they previously have. One of the worst things humans can experience is being in front of other and being judged, on this journey lots of people will judge you even when you don’t ask for an opinion. For this I suggest don’t take it personal, that is that persons opinion what matters is your opinion of you.
  2. Lonely– You may feel alone on your journey especially when you are doing it alone. You may be the only one working out, meal prepping or counting your calories. For this I suggest you interact with others that are doing the same as you so you can have someone that understands what you are doing. Join an online group or get an accountability buddy.
  3. Critical– You may become very critical of yourself. You may get upset with yourself more often for getting off track. It is easy for us to over critique ourselves we are our worst critiques, many of you have heard this. For this don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach a goal when you intended allow yourself space to get things done no need to pressure yourself. Be kind to yourself please.

3 Goods:

  1. Self- esteem – Something aabout you will reek of happiness and maybe even this light glow will bounce off you when you start hitting your goals. Things you once stayed away from doing now you are finally attempting to do those things. You maybe even stepping into different roles because you see the difference in yourself. You deserve this because you have worked hard to be focused.
  2. Role Model- You may become the local super star. You may be motivation someone to take action in their life. People may even tell you how you have inspired them and caused them to do different in their life. This is a big role to fill. You are inspiring someone by just being yourself and progressing on your journey. You are awesome. If someone tells you this accept the nice compliment.
  3. Goal Achiever- You will become more goal oriented because you understand that being this way brings results. You will take this on in every area of your life. You become aware that making small changes in your life lead to a more fruitful and happy life. You look for ways to not only chase your goals but achieve them. You become a person of action and completion. Not just a goal chaser but goal achiever.

There are many more we could place in either section. What I will share with you is there will be more good than bad. You should keep going because a weight loss journey/ Lifestyle change brings personal development and fulfillment.

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