You MUST Protect Your Goals |Audio+Goal Worksheet

Some of us tend to want to share our goals with everyone. That may include family, spouse, and friends. We want them to support our goals and validate our goal(s). Sometimes they will but sometimes they may not and I AM HERE TO TELL YOU IT IS OKAY ( I am intentionally yelling at you lol) but seriously not everything you do you will have support. You don’t want to share every goal with everybody because some people are not as encouraging and supportive as we may want them to be.

Keep your goals close to your heart and protect them

You have a larger vision that was given specifically to you and others just may not understand. Some people don’t understand your goals until they see your goal develop right in front of their eyes. Spend more time developing your goal than sharing your goal verbally with others.

Work on your goals in silence and when its develops then you can share all the hard work and dedication you put into your goal.

Do you speak alot about your goals? Who do you share your goals with?

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