December 30 Day Goal Challenge | Results

Challenge Accepted. It’s time to pay the piper. At the beginner of December I challenged anyone who read that blog post December Challenge to end 2016 with a 30 day goal.  I lead by example so of course I took the challenge on myself.

This is the last blog post of 2016.

My December 30 day goal was to write 3 pitches to magazine and or blog post that accept them.

First off let me say pitching to a magazine or blog is not a walk in the park. There are a few ways to go about it.

Things to keep in mind when pitching YOUR blog or story

  • Put aside time to write specifically for each blog or magazine interest or section
  • No one pitch will work for all
  • Some people have guidelines and some don’t
  • Some people want a already written blog post
  • Some people want 3 sentences of what a blog may be about
  • 500 to 1000 words seems to be standards
  • Prepare your picture, mini bio and social media links
  • Almost everyone said they would only contact you if they want your blog or pitch
  • Titles need to be catchy

I decided to pitch places I frequent.

  1. Huffington Post (This excited me. I haven’t heard anything back. Expected response time 1 to 14 days. If I don’t hear anything back by then, my pitch/article was not accepted.
  2. Women Running (Since running has been added to my routine I had to submit to their fun blog. Read they don’t like articles just 3 sentences pitches)
  3. Black Women Career Network (I have visited this site many times and love what they write so I decided to pitch they wanted full article, mini bio, blog/website and social media handles) Guess what I am now a BCWN Guest Contributor. My blog post was accepted and published on their blog yesterday. Check it out here –>Black Career Women’s Network

Now of course you know that I just couldn’t pitch those blogs/magazines.I thought about how I want to be on a podcast. I checked out a few podcast that I felt were great and I pitch to them, to be a guest on their podcast.  I sent emails to 4 podcast and I have only heard back from 1  but I was on a roll and I figured, what the hell.

So far 1 podcast declined me as a guest but there is 3 more to hear from. Staying positive.

I will do an update on this if any of the pitches respond.

Now how about you want 30 day December goal did you accomplish. Let me know and please leave it in the comments.

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