How to Bounce Back from Weightloss Failure


So this is was one of my goal dresses. I wanted to be able to fit into this dress as of August 8th, 2015 and I wanted to be 160 lbs when it was to make its debut BUT guess what it didn’t happen. Actually at this point I am 19 lbs up from the 160lbs I wanted to be in order to where that dress.
At that point 2 years ago I said screw it and tried on the dress anyway and I look good and I still do now so check out my IG. I still have a little belly buldge but I am working on that. My 30th birthday is coming and I have another goal outfit I plan to where on my birthday.

This post is to pretty much say:

  • Goals are great to make but they may take longer than we intend
  • Itsnot really a failure as long as you take away something great from the event
  • Still pursue your goal even if you aren’t where you want to be
  • Remember your progress is what matters and keep kicking ass


Your Turn: How did you bounce back from a weightloss failure?

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