7 Things Successful People do on Weekends to have an Epic Week

Have you ever looked at some people and think? Damn how come they make all this life stuff look so freaking easy and I feel like I’m drowning in it or have you passed a class mate or co-worker and thought ….man their stuff is always organized and mine always feels or looks all over the place. Well I have been feeling that way lately and decided to read some blog, look at a few videos and read a book or 2 and came to a conclusion. Successful people do many things but there are a few things that are consistent across the board and I want to share those 7 things I found with you and maybe both of us can incorporate the things successful people do in their lives to our lives to make our lives more success, richer and organized.

Here are the 7 things that Successful people do weekly to have success in their lives (BUT HERE US THE REAL KEY, THEY STICK TO THIS ON THE WEEKEND ALSO)


1.Wake up early– Some of us have heard the quote “the early bird gets the worm” or maybe not but either way waking up early gives you a head start on the day
2. Get chores done– Take care of the house keeping things like washing clothing, car, cleaning house and if you have it (even cut some of your time and hire someone to do these things for you)
3. Socialize with others– You can’t just be about goals all the time, you have to set aside time to hang with others and have fun
4. Get work that contributes your success done first– If something like doing work for a class, or project for work or your own business, get that done fist and everything else can follow
5. Reflect on what went wrong and right last week– Review your previous week, see the good and bad then find one thing your will do differently next week.
6. Do some type of physical activity daily-Get moving, walk around your office, campus, hit the gym do something that gets your moving and blood pumping
7. Plan for the following week– Take time to figure out what is ahead for next week like plan meals, wardrobe, complete takes that will make next week smoother if you get them done now.

Do you do any of these 7 things successful people do? Here is my real question, do you also do it on the weekend. I want to hear from you.

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