30 Day Check in: Train Like a Bikini Competitor

So it has been a long and very eye opening 30 days. This is totally different than what I am use to. I am use to all cardio and minimal weights, you know weight loss style. But it’s been flipped on me. It’s been about all weights and some cardio, bodybuilding style.


I’m doing a 90 days to 2018 course

Private Facebook Group

STARTS today so join today |Small Group Wellness Training

15 member max ** Women ONLY

Small Group Wellness Training (1).png

Now back to regular schedule ….Let’s keep it simple

Training has included


4 days weights and cardio

3 days cardio and abs

Cardio burn 300-675 a day


Calories from 1350 to 2300

Including whey protein and supplements: multi vitamin, fish oil, pre workout and fat burner. Ill be doing a video on the specific products.


7 1/2 on a good day

5 hours on a bad day


640z-1 gal a day


Here is the run down…..Today is day 31 of 115

84 more days to go !

This is 1 of 3 Weigh ins so make sure to come back

Start Weight: 182

Current Weight: 171.6 (aka 172 in my eyes)

10 pounds in 30 days!  Not bad …still have some days to grind it out …

Goal Weight: 137

Come back 11/4/17 for the next weigh in

I did a YouTube live about my 30 days so check it out


Here is me after workout, one week of prep, looking for a few new workout gear and my fancy whey protein made like a caramel frap from Starbucks ….. well I tried!!


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