Can I Train Like a Bikini Competitor?

This blog post has been sitting in my draft post for over a YEAR. I finally got the balls to just do it. I am all paid up. Plan and weight lifting program purchased from a new coach. I’ve bought all my supplements. I will buy my food Sunday and prep on Sunday. If this works I will stay with it if not I will adjust.

I have been pondering this for a while now but to scared to jump in and do it. I thought to myself what if I trained like a bikini competitor . What if I operated as though I was  about to compete. I am not trying to make a mockery of competing and I know that people take prepping for a show serious. I’ve read blogs, watch videos and attended shows.

Plus I talk trash and lots of smack like its no ones business and I want to see if I could hang. I want a different body composition plus did I tell you guys I am 33 lbs up from my lowest weight.

So far here is what I have learned and I haven’t even started 

  • Prepping/Cutting is costly
  • This is nothing like losing weight the way I did it the first time
  • If you are coming from a weight loss background you will have to do  and use things you have not before
  • Its will take focus, discipline, planning and adjusting

Could I:

  1. Workout twice a day? 7 days a week?
  2. Weight lifting 4 days a week?
  3. Meal prep for 7 days?
  4. Counts my macros?
  5.  Stay under all my nutrition intake?
  6. Few to no cheat days?

Now that I see the above list. Why would people want to do this to themselves?

Oh yeah for a great physique. Duh.

Now the day to begin has been chosen

Sept 4th , 2017 to December 18th, 2017

15 weeks / 105 days

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On week 6 I will share with you all which coach and plans I am using.

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