How to Deal with Chaos while Losing Weight

Have you ever noticed that when you decide to lose weight or start a life style change it seems like your life just gets so hectic and the chaos grows? It’s like anything that could throw us off of course does. It happens so quickly and knocks us off of task some days and some of us take so much time to bounce back.

  • You get asked to cook a tempting dish
  • You have a hard day at work
  • Your child or significant other gets sick so you have to take care of them and skip your workout or meal prep
  • You are asked out for drinks to your favorite restaurant that you are trying to stay away from
  • You are given a treat from a family or friend that you just can resist

These are just a few things in our life that may happen that keeps us from continuing our healthy life style or gets us a bit off track

Let’s come up with a plan to combat these things before they happen

  1. Be aware that things will happen and at that point “ say to yourself” This is just a speed bump in my plan and not a road block. I can go over or around this issue.
  2. Be flexible and adjust to what happens or happening around you. Don’t get locked into thinking things will only be one way, move with the environment or situation.
  3. Use your thinking cap when chaos arrives, pause then react. You want to think before you make a move, so that a hasty decision does not send all your hard word down the drain.

That’s just a small list of things you can do to debunk the chaos while you stay on track with your fitness goals.

What do you do to stay on track with your fitness goals when chaos is happening around you?

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