3 Things You can do NOW to Start Losing Weight

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When losing weight, it is the small changes or adjustments that get us our successes. Contrary to what people believe, it’s not always the big changes that really changes the weight loss or healthy lifestyle game but the smaller adjustments that we can all start doing as soon as today or tomorrow.

Here are 3 Things You can do NOW to Start Losing Weight

Reduce– There are many things that are the downfall for many of us such as chips, candy, cookies, and fried food. The list can go on but I am not asking you to stop eating your favorite snack or food but I am asking you to reduce your intake. Example I eat gummi bears [my guilty pleasure so don’t judge me] now I can eat the whole bag of 500 calories or I can eat the suggested portion on the back 10 gummi bears of 150 calls. Now I will begin with this, this is challenging in the beginning but this will be a sure-fire way to start shedding pounds now by reducing your intake of your favorite food.

Friends– You need friends that are on the weight loss journey. I am not saying you have to get rid of your long term friends but your friends may not understand your weight loss journey and when you start talking about it every day , posting about it and doing fitness things your friends may not want to hear about or do so do yourself a favor, join a group or find a support system so you can talk about weight loss and fitness all you want because that is what everyone is doing

Regimen– You need a regimen. How will you eat? What is your workout and when? Losing weight will be much better if you answer those 2 questions. Having your meal and workout consistent can make losing weight better than wondering around not knowing what you will eat and workout.


Here is the video 3 Things You can do NOW to Start Losing Weight

Have you tried any of these things? What do you do to lose weight?

3 Things You can do NOW to Start Losing Weight

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