How to Deal with being Inconsistent with Weightloss

This may seem odd or me being full of malarkey but hear me out… being inconsistent on the weightless, fitness and health journey is apart of the journey.

There will be days you will eat perfect and others your wont

There will be days where you workout like a beast and others you will be a couch potato

There will be days you will get your proper hours of sleep and other days you will be going through the day with 2 energy drinks , 4 hours of sleep and trying to get an important task done


I hope you are getting my drift that being inconsistent is in fact being consistent and more important this is you being H U M A N

I know you tell yourself you are super women or super man and you are but even super hero have issue too according the person who bought superheros to life the late Stan Lee.

I am here to tell you that you have a right to screw up … perfection sucks any way … it’s the ups and downs that make doe good stories…

Here are 5 things you should know about being inconsistent on the journey

  • Don’t feel alone, we all have been inconsistent [NO MATTER THE LIES PEOPLE TELL] none of us are perfect so join the inconsistent club with millions of members joining daily
  • Don’t beat yourself up, you don’t need to apply any unnecessary pressure on yourself because you no exactly what to do to get back on track
  • Pinpoint, when you become inconsistent can you tell what things or times make you’re inconsistent and start to be aware of those times, places or things
  • Review, think over your game plan and see if it is really working fore you or is it something that you adjust to make your journey better
  • Reset, this is an important word on the weight loss journey. R E S E T , you have a right to start over when ever the heck you want to and don’t feel forces to start over because people tell you to its when you are ready to


Tell me, have you been inconsistent on the weight loss journey and what did you do about it?

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weightloss (2).png

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