Wait you mean I can LOSE WEIGHT on a budget: HECK TO THE YES!

I’ve heard, read and see people say, it cost too much money to lose weight and be healthy.

My sister even said it to me one time.

Me: ” If you want to go grocery shopping one day let me know”

My sister: “Its too expensive to eat healthy”

First off that’s a EXCUSE , just want to put that out there but I do agree that some of these diet specialty foods and stores are expensive. I bought flax seeds from a fancy-smanchy store that cost me $16 and I saw it somewhere else for $7. So keep it simple,get the basics and it won’t be expensive.


If you are willing to spend $28.64 on

-1 Large pizza

-2 litter soda

-10  spicy wings

You could have ate healthy for a whole week with that:

Walk with me through our  virtual grocery store:

You have been given $28.64 now lets shop for a 5 day work week ideas listed below: 

  1. 1 bag of chicken on sale is about $6 (Bake, Grill or Stew) ( Dinner or Lunch)
  2. Turkey Bacon cost $3( Breakfast or lunch)
  3. Broccoli bunches- $2 ( Dinner or Lunch)
  4. Cabbage-$2 (Dinner or Lunch)
  5. Bag of apples-$2 (Snack)
  6. 4 Oranges-$2 (Snack)
  7. 4 Grapefruit-$2 (Snack)
  8. Brown rice- $2(Dinner or Lunch)
  9. Cucumbers-$2 (Snack)
  10. Bag of Baby Carrot-$1 (Snack )
  11. Bag of wheat bread-$1 (Toast, breakfast )
  12. Eggs-$3 (Fry, boil, scramble, omelet, breakfast)

That totals: $28.00 and 64 cents to spare well don’t forget taxes

Point is

  • Think about what you spend on one fast food meal eating out versus if you would have taken that money to the grocery store
  • You can eat on a budget if you plan and stick to what you have
  • It can get expensive if you buy all these dietary fancy foods but if you keep it simple you can eat for under $30 for a whole week

Do you think eating healthy is expensive? What are some ways you budget to eat healthy?

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Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

Photo Credit: daystofitness.com

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