I’m an adultress..I plan to cheat on Jim

Shame on me. Don’t stone me or sew the scarlet letter on my chest just yet. Hear me out. This is costing me money and it isn’t easy to do. It takes allot out of me to do this. Well this wouldn’t be my first time but I have to break my ties and go my own way. Yes I am a cheater.

Yes, I plan to cheat on Jim well cheat on the GYM

I am tired of paying a gym membership to a gym. I am still learning about different exercise and weights. Some times I want to try sniping classes, other times I feel like I want to run a marathon. I just want to try something new.

I want to shake things up and try different things. My gym membership is up in April but I am unsure about renewing it. I have talked about getting into running **WHICH I DESPISE WITH A PASSION** as well as I recently purchased P90X3 .

Apart of me wants to see if by running and using my P90x3 can I get some great legs and a flatter belly pudge (you know that bottom part of the belly that won’t go away) I am working on that because it is the enemy.

Maybe I should take the gym membership money and buy another program.

Do you have a gym membership? Do you believe at home programs work better or equal to the gym?

14 thoughts on “I’m an adultress..I plan to cheat on Jim

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    Home programs can be just as good, it depends on your goals, if you want to lift heavy you need a lot of home equipment or a gym membership!
    However you can achieve a lot with the home programs…I love insanity and insanity max 30!
    But yes I have a gym membership (actually 2) and use it (them)!

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  2. jlstanding says:

    I think it just depends on you as a person! I enjoy the atmosphere of the gym, I feel like if I worked out at home I wouldn’t go as hard! But many people feel the opposite way as me. You just gotta find what works for you and do it!

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    • gojenbefit says:

      This is true. I like the gym for getting out and using machines i don’t have . I like working out at home sometimes so I can try things I wouldn’t dare at the gym πŸ™‚


  3. bloominolive says:

    I really like the at home programs, I’ve done insanity, p90x (haven’t tried the p90x3 yet though!) Focus T25, Cize, and running. Would love to try the new Hammer and Chisel! The programs work great in conjunction with a running schedule. It’ll be easier to run when you’re muscles are stronger and it’ll help you prevent injury. Good luck and have fun!

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