Confession #4 of my weight-loss journey: I got caught up in the glitz and glam

WordPress family I know I just posted but this 1 is weighing on my heart. I fell for the glitz and glam of all the comments, congratulations and cheer about my weightloss but I am not where I want to be so why did I

  • Slow down on the workouts
  • Throw watching what I ate out  the window
  • Refusing to acknowledge I was heading down the road I have scratched and kicked to get away from

Here is why. I allowed myself to think what others saw as satisfying or accomplished to be my new standard  when I already set the bar for myself, which this is not what this is about. I did not embark on a weight loss journey for any of this I promise you. I had no idea people would look to me as some Shero or Inspiration. Even when people tell me these type of things it feels weird. I started because I wanted to get a hold of my life, do you know how it feels to walk up some stairs and loose your breath? Do you know how it feels when your doctor says you have high blood pressure and by the way you are obese? Well I know that very well and very recent. I am still 22 lbs from my goal so how can I walk around and be satisfied just because others said I should be.

Same for you . I want us both to get something out of this post. Moral of this post is don’t get caught up in what others think you should be doing or how satisfied you should be but remember why you are doing something in the 1st place. Yes accept peoples nice or not so nice comments. Allow people to celebrate you if that is what  they want but dont stop going for the big sha-bang if you feel like you have more to do. Appreciate where you are, what you have done so far and keep going if YOU see need be. Dont stop or keep going based on other peoples opinion but keep going based on how you feel and what you feel needs to get done.

**Drops mic**

**Picks mic back up** Oh yeah lets kick some major butt we only have 1 life YOU DESERVE THE BEST & I WANT YOU TO DO GREAT IN ALL THAT YOU DO … YOU WANNA KNOW WHY BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME!!

4 thoughts on “Confession #4 of my weight-loss journey: I got caught up in the glitz and glam

  1. markednmoxey says:

    O. M. G. — this resonates with me sooooo much. Love this post. I am. To alone !! Thank you !! I’m down 160lbs — and I lost myself. Took so many pictures, had a certain switch in my hips when I walked. Feeling myself?! Hell yeah. Enjoying all those likes? Yup. But then I stopped having to speak, letting my personality show, just standing there pretty enjoying all the attention that I never had being 347lbs. I’ve been working out religiously– and watching my diet, but at some point my heart was in I for the wrong reasons– because I was setting goals, not accomplishing them– and then just feeling resigned and angry. Started to put some weight on .. But hid it from society because of the “SheRo”/ inspiration title. I got real with myself and really turned within about what the hell was going on. So Yes… I still like the cheers from the sideline and the likes on my pics– but now they inspire me, they don’t define me.

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Yes yes yes. I love it 160 lbs dannnnngggg yes. Congrats !!! We all deserve the celebration when we accomplish our goals. As long as we return to doing it for ourselves, our health , our confidence and not for the hype, that is when we know we are doing it for the best reason which is for ourselves. Thanks for commenting and sharing you story “Shero” 🙂

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