The dreaded BEFORE *weightloss* photo

Hey WordPress family! Please pay it forward today on our leap day. 1 act of kindness is all I ask of you. Now to the hard stuff so on my weight loss journey the most dreaded moments I have are looking at the old photos of myself. This isn’t so horrible but it makes me cringe that I was not taking great care of myself and I could tell from the photos. Its wasn’t just about the weight entirely. I let me go. Maintaining my hair and nails. Covering up with dark and oversize clothing. Not wanting to be seen out or in pictures.

Over the weekend I was getting ready to hit the gym, I barely wanted to go. I just had the hardest time mustering up the strength to go. I received a text from my sister and

BAMN there it was,  a picture of me , doing my presentation. I couldn;t evenn focus on the great diagram I had put together all I saw was that muffin ..but the crazy thing about that was I had just bought the pants size 18 and shirt 1x I wore that day.

I was like daaaaammmmnnnnn that WAS me. I didn’t view my self as I saw it now

I honestly thought at the time I was the same size 8 I was in high school but not until I saw that photo I truly saw that I was different.I had change. I had let many things dictate how I felt about my health like

  • work
  • school
  • pain
  • hurt
  • shame
  • validation
  • anger
  • forgiveness (lack there of)
  • diagnosis (obesity & high blood pressure)

I’ll just list those for now. Point is I did change over time and now I finally did something about it. I don’t want before photos to make me feel low and embarrassed. I want me , US to face these feelings head on.

Take your before photos and embrace the change you are currently making, about to make or already made.

Before photo shows you where you were. Its a reminder of what was and not what is. You can make the change. Get knowledgeable about your current situation and make the change. We all deserve to take great care of our self and if that means facing the truth of why we are where we are then by all means grab a piece of paper, write it down, look at it and don’t let those things break you but help you get to the next great place in you life.

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Email me if you have any questions about weight loss or goal setting gojenbefit@gmail

WE got this!

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